Universal Life Insurance

Available only through select banking partners.

Universal life insurance has all of the features of permanent life insurance — coverage for life and cash value accumulation — while also providing the potential for earnings on the premium paid.

Prosperity Life Group offers two types of Universal Life insurance: Fixed Universal Life and Indexed Universal Life. The main difference between the two types of products is the risk/return associated with the growth potential on your investment in the policy. Fixed Universal Life offers guaranteed interest for a certain period of time, after which crediting rates will not fall below a minimum guaranteed rate, allowing for stable growth over time. With Indexed Universal Life, you can allocate your accumulation value among a fixed interest account and certain indexed accounts tied to the performance of a market index, allowing you to share in market upside without risking assets in down markets. Other features and benefits also determine which is the right product for you. Please consult your financial professional as to what product is best suited for you given your financial profile, needs, and objectives.

All of our Universal Life plans are offered without the need for a medical exam to qualify – in most cases, eligibility will determined based on age, height/weight, and the responses to certain health history questions.*

Single Premium Fixed Universal Life

  • Single Premium
  • Immediate Increase in the Size of Your Estate
  • 3.5% Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate
  • 10% penalty-free withdrawals each year after the first
  • Guaranteed Return of Premium if no loans or withdrawals taken
  • Accelerated Death Benefit option for Terminal Illness


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Indexed Universal Life

  • Single Premium
  • Fixed and indexed strategies
  • No Lapse Guarantee if no loan or withdrawals taken
  • Guaranteed Return of Premium if no loans or withdrawals taken
  • Accelerated Death Benefit options for Terminal, Chronic, and Critical Illness

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*MIB, prescription check and driving record information may also be a factor in the underwriting decision.
Certain face amounts require additional underwriting.

Products not available all states – features may vary by state. Please read the materials provided for more detail about each product we offer and discuss them with an agent appointed with a Prosperity Life Group company. Indexed Universal Life Insurance does not directly participate in any stock or equity investment. Earning potential is limited by certain specified, capped, or participation rates as declared by the company.
Other than single-premium plans, Universal Life insurance generally requires additional premium payments after the initial premium. If either no premiums are paid, or subsequent premiums are insufficient to cover the costs of continuing the coverage, it is possible that coverage will expire.
The company reserves the right to change or modify any non-guaranteed elements, subject to terms of the policy.
Universal Life policies may be classified as Modified Endowment Contracts (“MEC”) under the Internal Revenue Code. Single premium policies qualify as a MEC at issue. For other premium payment plans, whether and when your policy will become a MEC depends on whether the premiums paid into the policy exceed the “7-pay” test established by the Internal Revenue Code. The 7-pay test caps the amount of premium that can be paid into the policy over a period of seven years. A policy that is a MEC still provides tax-deferred cash value accumulation and an income tax-free death benefit for your designated beneficiaries; however, any distributions from the cash value of the policy (such as surrender, partial withdrawals or loans) can be subject to taxation to the extent that the money in the policy has grown. Also, such distributions are subject to an additional 10 percent penalty unless the policyowner is over age 59½ years or totally disabled. A policy that at issue is, or later becomes, a MEC will always be subject to MEC tax treatment, even if the policy is exchanged for a new contract that, standing alone, would not be a MEC.
Before making any decision concerning the tax status of your policy, you should consult your attorney or tax advisor. Prosperity Life Group, its distributors, and respective representatives do not provide tax, accounting, or legal advice.
Death benefits may be denied if death occurs in the first two policy years if there was a material misrepresentation in the application for coverage or death results from suicide.