Life Insurance

Prosperity Life Group understands that protecting the financial security of your loved ones is of upmost importance to you.

Whether it be not burdening them with the costs associated with your end of life expenses, helping ensure they have adequate resources should you unexpectedly die during your earning years, or leaving them a lasting legacy, Prosperity Life Group offers a variety of life insurance solutions to assist you in fulfilling your commitments to your family.

Life insurance provides an income-tax free death benefit to your designated beneficiaries upon your death.1 Your beneficiaries can use the money in any way they need – to help pay for funeral expenses, to help with mortgage payments, to help fund your children’s education costs, and more.

There are two types of life insurance –
Permanent Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance.



Permanent Life Insurance offers guaranteed level premiums and life insurance protection for your whole life. Permanent Insurance policies accumulate cash value tax-deferred, which can be accessed should an unexpected need arise.2 Among the Permanent Life Insurance products we offer are Final Expense Whole Life, Universal Life, and SeniorLife.



Term Life Insurance generally provides a more affordable option if you are seeking coverage for only a limited period of time.3 Term policies typically do not offer cash value accumulation, but some policies allow you to convert the policy to whole life after a certain amount of time should you need to do so. Prosperity Life Group’s Term Life Insurance products include Family Freedom Term, PrimeTerm to 100 (term final expense), and Simple Issue Term.

*Coverage amounts are subject to underwriting requirements and reinsurance availability. Product information provided on this website is summary only. The policies contain limitations and exclusions, and terms and conditions for keeping them in force. Contact an agent or review the policy for full details. Premiums paid more often than annually (once a year) cost more than paying them once a year.

1 Death benefits are paid upon the death of the insured. Certain life insurance products offer reduced benefits for a limited period. Death benefits are not payable for death within the first two policy years should the insured commit suicide or make a material misrepresentation on the application for coverage.
2 While certain life insurance products build cash value or have investment earning potential, the primary reason to purchase a life insurance product is the death benefit. Policy loans and withdrawals, where available, will reduce any cash surrender value and death benefit. Withdrawal charges also could apply. Surrenders, withdrawals and loans – as well as the exercise of certain additional features and benefits – may also have adverse tax consequences.
3 Because premiums generally increase substantially after the level term period, term insurance is not typically the more affordable option for those needing longer term protection. Some exceptions apply – see product detail pages for more information.

Products not available all states – features may vary by state. Other products may be available that better fit your needs – contact your agent for more information. Life insurance is subject to underwriting and approval of the application and will incur policy charges and fees, which could increase over time, depending on the product. Please read the materials provided for more detail about each product we offer and discuss them with an agent appointed with Prosperity Life Group. For federal income tax purposes, life insurance death benefits generally pay income tax-free to beneficiaries pursuant to IRC Sec. 101(a)(1). In certain situations, however, life insurance death benefits may be partially or wholly taxable. Situations include, but are not limited to: the transfer of a life insurance policy for valuable consideration unless the transfer qualifies for an exception under IRC Sec. 101(a)(2); arrangements that lack an insurable interest based on state law; and an employer-owned policy unless the policy qualifies for an exception under IRC Sec. 101(j). Neither Prosperity Life Group or any of its member companies provides, and nothing herein is intended to be, tax advice. You should consult your tax advisor as to the tax features and consequences associated with any insurance product you purchase.