Spotlight on Leadership:
Meet Kristin Gemski

At Prosperity Life, we actively invite diverse views and perspectives, and value unique experiences, where everyone feels that they belong and contribute. Today we shine a spotlight on one of our key leaders who embodies this value: Kristin Gemski, VP & Deputy General Counsel.

Kristin started her career working in a law firm, building a client book and keeping track of billable hours. She quickly discovered her preference for working in-house after joining AIG, and then AXA Equitable. “It’s one thing to understand how the law affects business and advise as outside counsel, but it’s not the same as being in a business, working to achieve goals. Being in-house means we build something together – that’s what I find really exciting.”

Kristin finds that introducing a fresh perspective, or a hint of healthy disruption, serves as a spark for innovation. After just seven months with Prosperity, she says, “I get to be more than a lawyer here. It doesn’t matter who comes up with the next great idea, because we all have the same goal: to build the best version of this company.”

She also feels our leadership exudes both confidence in their expertise and appreciation for the knowledge and insights of others. “At Prosperity, every voice carries weight. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or new to insurance, your insights and ideas are valued.”

When asked what it takes to thrive at Prosperity, Kristin starts with entrepreneurial spirit. “An individual must embody decisiveness, accountability, and an open mind. The capacity to adapt, change direction, and embrace shifts in strategy is crucial. Your workdays might diverge from initial plans, but you’ll learn a lot and definitely grow in the process.”