Employee Privacy Notice

The Prosperity Life Employee/Applicant Privacy Notice (“Notice”) is intended to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”).  All terms used herein that are defined in the CCPA have the same meaning when used in this Notice.  This notice is solely applicable to Prosperity Life employees or job applicants who reside in the State of California.  For the purposes of this Notice, “Prosperity Life” refers to Prosperity Life Insurance Group, LLC and its direct and indirect subsidiaries.

  1.  Collected Information

When a person submits an employment application, we collect the following information:

  • Contact Information:  We collect basic contact information including name, nicknames, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and other information that a person may place on their resume or curriculum vitae
  • Sign-in Information:  As part of the application process, each user is prompted to create an account, including creating a username and password, which we collect to track the application process.
  • Educational and Employment Information:  Applicants are asked to enter information regarding their educational and employment background, including professional licenses. 

If a person is offered employment with a Prosperity Life company, we collect additional information, which may include the following:

  • Personal Data:  Date of birth, marital status, age, gender, and other characteristics protected under state or federal Equal Opportunity Laws, including race, and national origin, immigration status, medical information, social security number or other government identifying numbers including driver’s license or state ID card numbers, and similar unique identifiers regarding employee spouses or children.
  • Device and Sign-In Information:  Login and password information for our internal systems, device identifiers, browsing and search information and information regarding the individual’s interactions with Prosperity Life systems, including badge access data.
  • Financial Information:  Including account information, billing address, and information regarding salary and credit history.
  • Criminal and Credit Histories:  With appropriate employee consent, Prosperity Life runs credit and criminal background checks on its employees as necessary.
  • Biometric Data:   Where required, Prosperity Life collects fingerprints from select employees. 
  1.  Use of Information

Prosperity Life uses employee and applicant data for the following business purposes:

  • Selecting Candidates:  To process applications, assessing applicant fit for a position, interviewing applicants, checking references, conducting background and credit checks, and maintaining records of our employment practices as required by law;
  • Employee Benefits, Compensation, and Other Expenses:  Setting, revising, and otherwise managing salaries, bonuses, and other financial compensation, administering employee benefit programs such as health insurance, 401(k), flexible spending accounts, and other similar benefits, expense reimbursements, and managing the corporate credit card program;
  • Training, Professional Development, and Performance:  Conducting performance reviews, investigating and responding to any complaints of misconduct, supporting career advancement and development, and assessing and addressing conflicts of interest; 
  • Complying with Legal Obligations:  Including obligations related to anti-discrimination laws and tax reporting; and 
  • Other Routine Business Purposes
  1.  Sensitive Personal Information

Prosperity Life does not collect “Sensitive Personal Information:” from employees or applicants for the purposes of inferring characteristics regarding California consumers.  Prosperity Life treats any such information as “Personal Information.”

  1.  Selling or Sharing of Information

Prosperity Life does not sell employee or applicant information, nor does it share any such information for the purposes of cross-context behavioral advertising.  Prosperity Life only shares employee or applicant information as follows: 

  • With IT/cloud hosting providers such as applicant tracking vendors, e-mail providers, business application vendors, and IT consultants for the purposes of storing and sharing the information internally consistent with the uses listed above;
  • With vendors that perform background or credit checks as part of the application process;
  • With retained professional advisors such as accountants, lawyers, and auditors for general business purposes;
  • With former employers of applicants for purposes of conducting reference checks;
  • With vendors that provide health insurance or other employee benefits who need to use such information to administer the benefits; and
  • With state regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, and judicial authorities as required by law.

Revised:  March 15, 2024