Community Partnership:
Cristo Rey

We believe each person’s future holds the potential to grow into something greater. That’s why we sought a partnership with a local organization working to give educational opportunities to today’s youth in our community: The Cristo Rey New York High School.

The Cristo Rey Network of schools aims to deliver a career focused, college preparatory education for students of all backgrounds with limited economic resources, integrating rigorous academic curricula with professional work experience and support to and through college. Cristo Rey’s mission is a beacon of hope and progress for students who may not have the financial means or educational background to access private, college-prep education.

We were compelled by their mission to not only educate but also provide real-world work experiences to students who are often the first in their families to consider college.

Three times a week, we welcome two bright students into our New York City location to handle some of our general office duties. From tracking desk use across our flexible spaces, to maintaining and restocking supplies around the office, and welcoming visitors to reception with incredible professionalism. As we get to know the students and the topics they are considering for college study, they can meet with some of our colleagues who specialize in those areas to ask questions or even shadow for a day. In this way, we have introduced students to actuarial science, finance, IT, and general business operations.

Our commitment doesn’t end with the school year. We take pride in seeing our Cristo Rey students grow, often becoming the first in their families to attend college. This program isn’t just about providing job experience; it’s about investing in students and showing them the unlimited options for their future.

At Prosperity, we aim to build futures. That’s why we value our partnership with Cristo Rey, and see it as an investment in our community.