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To start the claims process, please select the appropriate option below.

Instructions for Obtaining the Appropriate Claim Form Package for Your Claim:

  • If the death occurred outside of the United States, was a result of a homicide, or occurred within two years from the date the policy was issued (or two years from reinstatement of the policy), special claim forms apply.  Please contact our office for the appropriate forms.
  • Claim forms differ according to state law – please select the link above that applies to your claim in order to generate the correct claim form package.
  • If there is more than one beneficiary, each beneficiary must complete the appropriate claim form package based on the options above.
  • If the beneficiary is a trust, the state where the trust was created should be considered the beneficiary’s resident state.
  • If the beneficiary is an estate, the state where the estate is being probated should be considered the beneficiary’s resident state. 

Our release of forms does not constitute our acceptance of liability. All claims are subject to a claim review, including verification of death, policy validity and beneficiary status. It may be necessary for us to request additional information from you or a third party to properly evaluate your claim. This could result in a delay in the processing of the claim.