Whole Life Insurance

Are you looking for a permanent life insurance solution to cover you throughout your lifetime to supplement your retirement income or pay for final expenses? If so, it’s time to talk to an agent about our Whole Life insurance.

With guaranteed level premiums and a guaranteed death benefit this policy builds cash value that can be borrowed against for any purpose or left to your loved ones.

Key Features*


  • Coverage for your whole life as long as you keep paying your premium when due
  • Guaranteed premiums for the life of the policy
  • Less expensive in the long run when compared to term life insurance
  • Death Benefit generally passes on to the beneficiary income tax free
  • Cash value grows tax-deferred
  • Cash value available for loans
  • Access to up to 50% of the Death Benefit if you become terminally ill

SMART LIFE® (Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance)

  • Same key features of Whole Life listed above
  • Easy application process with no medical exam – answers to the application questions help us determine your eligibility**

*Loans against the policy accrue interest, reduce the available cash value and death benefit, and may cause the policy to lapse. Receipt of accelerated death benefits may affect eligibility for public assistance programs and may be taxable. There is no premium charge for this benefit.  However, upon election, the benefit is discounted because it is an early payment and a one-time processing fee of $150 is deducted. Neither Prosperity Life Group or any of its member companies provide tax advice.  Please consult your legal or tax advisor regarding possible tax consequences.

** SmartLife acceptance is based on answers to health questions and other information you provide or give us permission to obtain.  Other product options may be available if ineligible for simplified issue products.

This is a summary only.  The polices contain limitations, exclusions, and terms and conditions for keeping them inforce.  Contact an agent or review the policy for full details.

Products issued by SBLI USA Life Insurance Company, Inc. (New York, NY), a member of Prosperity Life Group.  Currently available for new sales only in New York (Whole Life Form #WHLSPENY13, SmartLife Form #WHLSPENY13. All guarantees are subject to the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing company.